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Sikkim State Lottery Today Result

Sikkim State Lottery today result – Sikkim State Lotteries today day result will publish at 4.00pm and Sikkim State Lotteries today morning result will publish at 8.00pm. Candidates can check and compare lottery ticket numbers with the gazette PDF file or Images. Sikkim State Lotteries Lottery Result 4 pm and 8 pm Result gazette update on every day. Daily Sikkim State Lotteries Results we publish and here you can check PDF and DBF files. Please check the results with relevant Official Government Gazette or else you will be desalinated after when you get to know the original gazette.

Before going to discuss the Sikkim state lottery, just I will give some detailed information on Sikkim state and its revenue. Sikkim is the northeastern state of India, and it is considered as the least populous and second smallest state in India. The Gangtok is the largest city, and it is referred as the capital of Sikkim state. Nearly 25% of the state is covered by the khangchendzonga national park. The total economy of the Sikkim state entirely depends on the agriculture and tourism. As per the statistics was taken in 2014, Sikkim had the third smallest GDP among the Indian states even though it is one of the fastest growing states in India. Sikkim is famous for producing a large amount of cardamom in India, and it holds the second place in providing the spice. Furthermore, the Sikkim is often referred as the organic farming state in India.

Revenue of Sikkim state from lottery

Mr. Suman Gautam, the lotteries director and other officials from lottery department, told that both the paper as well as the online lotteries that have brought in significant revenues to the Sikkim state. Now the Sikkim government issued the paper lottery license to pan India that conducts the popular online lottery and playwin lottery licenses to future gaming solutions Pvt. Ltd and samit online. The Sikkim’s state lottery director reported that total revenue from the lottery scheme to be around Rs. 50 crores.  Also, nearly ten crores come from casinos.

Sikkim state lottery result

As everyone knows, the lottery can change everyone’s life in a better way or keeps in the same way. Here are the particular details about the Sikkim state lottery result which will be more helpful to know the things better. There exists a lot of Sikkim state lotteries, and it gets announces the results in a perfect manner. The only thing is that, there is only one prize for the winner who will take the prize away. Everything is about the luck that cannot be predicted by anyone. During the result time, everyone will be in the taught that today the result let be in favor for me and similarly for the other persons. The best thing is that you can win three different times, so the chances of winning the lottery can be bigger and better for the people who believe in it. Being one among the thousands will be the great thing, mainly depends upon the luck and confidence which cannot be present in every people.

Online Playwin Sikkim lottery result

People can check their daily results right at the official website; here the results are provided for all who involves in the lottery. Sikkim is one among the few states in India, where the country runs lotteries gets conducted. Similar to Kerala, Sikkim is also using the revenue of lotteries for welfare and the profits earned from the draws are mainly utilized for the unprivileged patients suffering from the diseases like heart disease, brain tumor, and cancer. In Sikkim, the playing lotto gets established in the year 2001, and it gets holds it process in some of the towns in India. The similar state-run lotteries are operated in the other states like Maharashtra, Mizoram, Punjab, Goa and Nagaland.

How to check the Sikkim lottery result online

As of now, I realize that you come to know the individual details about the Sikkim state lottery. So now I am going to explain you the details to check the result. through this website you can get the particulars of both old and new results. Once you have entered into that website find the result link available and get into it. The results will be available in both the pdf and dbf version, so you can click on it by downloading the file. If all the downloading process gets completed, check if your lottery number is included in the list available in the winner numbers.

Sikkim state lotteries schemes and prizes

Sikkim state lotteries comprise of several weekly lotteries such as Diwali bumper, Kali puja bumper and much more. Here I am going to explain the details of the scheme open in Sikkim state.

  • Dear luck is the thing available during the date of Monday
  • Then on Tuesday it will release the scheme of dear chance
  • After that dear fortune will be published on the day of Wednesday
  • On Thursday you will get the scheme of dear success
  • Then on the fifth day, it will release the scheme of about dear benefit
  • The names I this state will be entirely different when compared with the other states, wherein Saturday dear Honour will be released
  • Finally, during Sunday dear prospect are released

Then the price of the tickets of Derby schemes is about Rs.10 per ticket, where the first price carries the amount of Rs.50 lakhs. So from this, you come to know about the details of schemes available in Sikkim state.

Derby scheme

It is the weekly scheme that gets played on every Thursday, where the price of the ticket will be Rs.50 per ticket. Then the top price amount in the derby is Rs.21 lakhs and the second price will be Rs.5 lakhs and Rs. 1 lakhs respectively. Sikkim state lottery is one of the first online lotteries in India with a large number of people waiting for the results.